Press release: Drones carrying blood samples: Could save health service 200 million DKK a year

Drone_graesFor three years, blood samples and medical equipment will be flown with drones between Odense, Svendborg and Ærø. Later, drones will also transport highly specialized healthcare professionals who need to arrive quickly. This will ensure better treatment and save the Danish health care system for almost DKK 200 million a year.

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Scientific paper: Weather analysis

By: Tobias Lundby (, )
Research assistant, SDU UAS Center

Figur 1Introduction

The aim of this technical paper is to assess the feasibility of establishing healthcare drone logistics between the cities Odense and Svendborg in Denmark with regards to weather conditions. Weather data from the year 2016 is analyzed to determine time intervals where drones are unable to fly due to extreme weather conditions. The analysis builds upon results from my master’s thesis and the weather theory and analysis methodology are described herein.

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